Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the latest date I can place my co-branded order?

  • U.S. Women's Open at Lancaster Country Club: April 15, 2024
  • U.S. Open at Pinehurst Resort & C.C: April 15, 2024
  • U.S. Senior Open at Newport Country Club: May 13, 2024

2. What happens if I place my order past the deadline?

We will do everything we can, but can no longer guarantee that your product will be delivered in advance of the championship. Additionally, expedited shipping charges may apply to deliver product to meet your in-hand date.

We highly encourage placing your order as early as possible in advance of the deadline to allow the necessary time for production and delivery.

 3. How do I place my order?

You can submit your order through our website here by adding items to your cart then proceeding to checkout. Note: orders are not finalized until you approve the order confirmation that is emailed to you from a USGA Merchandise representative. Invoices will be emailed after the order is confirmed.

You can also email your order to Alexandra Downs ( or Drew Regino ( 

    • Please include this order information:
      • Bill-to and ship-to addresses *Note: We cannot ship to PO boxes
      • Company name
      • Contact name
      • Phone number and email address
      • Required in-hand date
    • Please include for each item:
      • Championship
      • Item name or style number (plus gender if applicable)
      • Color (if applicable)
      • Total quantity (size breakdown by gender if applicable)
      • Corporate logo in proper file format (if co-branding)
        • PMS colors in logo
        • Digitizing fees may apply for improperly formatted logos

4. Do I need to place one bulk order?

While we encourage keeping your order together as one order, you are not required to do so. Please feel welcomed to submit multiple orders as needed. 

*Please note: some accessory items require a larger minimum to co-brand due to production limitations.

5. What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities are listed in each item's product description. This varies significantly on accessories. For caps the minimum in a given style/color is 18 units. For apparel, the minimum is 12 units for a given style/color. Within that apparel minimum, you may select any size run you wish to order.

6. After placing my order, what happens?

An order confirmation will be emailed to you for approval. Please check the accuracy of your Bill To, Ship To, In-Hand Date, Item Quantities, and Logo Instructions before you approve and return your signed purchase order.

7. How quickly can I get my merchandise?

The total time it takes from placing your order to receiving your final merchandise is on average between 4-6 weeks if your in-hand date is approaching quickly.

1-2 weeks for digital proof approval

4-6 weeks for production and delivery

*Please specify if you need a firm delivery date or if you need a rush order.

If your order is placed early, the units are reserved; however, proofs and production will take place closer to your in-hand date.

8. How much is shipping?

We provide free Ground shipping on all orders placed before the order deadline. If expedited shipping is requested or needed based on order timeline, the appropriate charge will be included on your invoice.

9. What do I need to provide if I am ordering co-branded merchandise?

Specific logo files are required based on the items in your order.

  • Co-branded merchandise such as apparel and headwear require your logo in an embroidery (.DST or .EMB) file.
  • Co-branded merchandise such as drinkware, accessories, etc. require your logo in a high-resolution (.EPS or .AI) file.

Please include any specific PMS/Pantone colors your logo requires. If you have any questions on which type of logo file is needed, please let us know and we will be happy to help. If you do not have an embroidery file, we can produce one for you.

If you do not wish to co-brand and will only order Championship logoed merchandise, you can skip this step. In this case, please be sure to note which items will feature only the Championship logo.

10. How and when do I pay for my order?

Upon returning your signed order confirmation, you may choose to pay in full by either credit card or expedited check. An invoice will be emailed to you from the USGA finance team. Payment via check is preferred. There is no fee to pay via credit card. If you pay by credit card, a secure payment link will be emailed to you.

11. How many logos can we feature on an item?

Only one corporate logo may be featured on an item with the U.S. Open logo. If you are sharing hospitality with another company and wish to collaborate on merchandise please reach out to Drew Regino or Alexandra Downs for recommendations on how to bring both logos to life in a synchronous fashion.

12. What restrictions exist for our logo?

Corporate Logo Size Restrictions

The Corporate Logo must fall within the size restrictions illustrated below. The Corporate Logo may be smaller, but can never be larger, than the dimensions shown below. The most common restriction that applies is the maximum corporate logo width of 2.75". The Corporate Logo must always be placed in a secondary location on merchandise. For example, if the official Championship logo is on the left chest of a shirt, the Corporate Logo may be on the sleeve. There may only be one corporate logo on any cap or apparel piece.

Exception: If the official Championship Logo is enlarged to 5 inches or greater (for example, on umbrellas or large luggage pieces), the Corporate Logo may be enlarged to fit within the “exception” size restrictions.

These guidelines are to ensure that the focal point of the merchandise is always the Championship and the Championship Logo, rather than on any related commercial aspect; therefore no exceptions will be made.

*** Please Note: Location of co-branded embroidery will be dependent on product.  Let us know if you have any specific location requests and we will see if we can accommodate. Thank you!

12. Invitation / Championship Communication Guidelines 

Effective Date: January 15, 2024

Corporate hospitality clients must adhere to the following invitation guidelines when communicating internally and externally with company employees, guests, and other invitees (including prospective invitees) in advance of or during any USGA championship.

Corporate hospitality clients may (i) purchase print or digital invitation templates through the USGA’s corporate merchandise program or (ii) create their own print or digital invitation(s), in each case according to the below guidelines. These guidelines also apply to registration websites, “Save the Dates,” and any other ancillary invitation documents.

(i) Invitation content must not use any USGA championship logos or host club logos, except for such logos which appear on invitations purchased through the USGA corporate merchandise program. Combined logos are not permitted.

(ii) The first reference to any USGA championship in an invitation must be followed by its appropriate trademark symbol (e.g., U.S. Open®, U.S. Women’s Open®, U.S. Senior Open®).

(iii) All references to any USGA championship must be phrased in such a way so as not to imply that the USGA or the USGA championship endorses, supports, partners, or otherwise associates with the corporate hospitality client. (For example, “Please join us during the 2024 U.S. Open®” is permitted, and “You’re invited to our U.S. Open table” is not permitted.)

(iv) A corporate client may not state or imply that it is a “sponsor,” “partner,” or “proud supporter” of the USGA or any USGA championship unless specifically agreed to in writing with the USGA.

(v) All references to any USGA championship must describe the event by its name (e.g., U.S. Open) or as a “championship” (i.e., not as a “tournament” or any other terminology).

(vi) All references to the USGA championship (e.g., U.S. Open or U.S. Open Championship) must be written in text that is the same size and font as the body of the invitation.

(vii) The name of the championship host club must appear in the form provided by the USGA and must conform to the USGA’s instructions and specifications.

(viii) Use of championship or host club imagery is not permitted, except for such imagery purchased from the USGA.
Corporate hospitality clients may provide drafts or mockups to the USGA for review of content prior to distribution.

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